We are happy to announce the launch of the Ampleforth Ambassador Program. This is an exciting opportunity for community members and those who share our beliefs to contribute to Ampleforth’s vision: creating an oraclized money based on sound economics that will help power the future economy.

If you appreciate economics, are a money nerd and/or simply believe in Ampleforth’s distinct mission, this is an opportunity for you to directly contribute to the project and build meaningful relationships within the space!

Why Become an Ampleforth Ambassador?

With cryptocurrency and DeFi gaining traction, the need for a better foundation (or “better primitives”)…

CertiK + AMPL

Ampleforth and CertiK

As a demonstration of continual commitment to decentralization, Ampleforth is thrilled to announce a partnership with CertiK, the leader in blockchain cybersecurity and pioneer of Formal Verification for smart contracts.

CertiK will act as another source of security and data for Ampleforth’s price oracle. This will help ensure that the price feed for Ampleforth’s unit (AMPL) is secure, reliable and not overly-reliant on any one source of data.

What Are the Details of the Partnership?

As a politically-independent digital currency with a dynamic supply, AMPLs rely on secure and accurate market oracles for supply adjustments. Independent data…

Things might be getting heavy for fiat.

Today’s global political and economic climate is one of uncertainty. The period of relative calm and international cooperation, for better or worse, is at a crossroads. With the election of Trump and the emergence of Brexit, it seems nationalism and populism have returned to levels not seen since the pre-World War II era. Trade policies implemented by the US show a concern mostly for their own economic growth, with other countries beginning to follow suit. With the shift towards openly protecting domestic interests by so many countries, is the stage set for a repeat of the 1930 Currency wars? If…

It’s been just over 60 days since Ampleforth’s $AMPL token went live. The day AMPL went live, it was functioning and performing as designed: Differently. That difference in performance has led to a number of other projects and platforms taking notice. This is a quick recap of the projects that have begun to work with AMPL and some of the rationale as to why this is likely to continue.

From the beginning, the medium-term use case for AMPL was thought to be as an interesting asset for use as collateral. This has turned out to be a bit more accurate…

Famous Central Bankers: Alan Greenspan

Alan Greenspan is one of the most notable and well known economists of the last century, due to his position as Chairman of the Federal Reserve during the dotcom bubble as well as his pre Great recession forecasts. Besides his role as the Chairman of the Fed, Greenspan has held many other roles, both in an advisory capacity to many large banks and funds, as well as owning his own consulting firm, Greenspan Associates, LLC.

After his appointment to the Fed in 1987, Greenspan had to navigate multiple recessions and crises, notably the stock market crash of October 1987, the…

Famous Central Bankers: Ben Bernanke

Ben Bernanke is an American economist, who’s work on monetary policy and macroeconomics earned him positions as a professor of Economics at Princeton, Stanford, and MIT, as well as led him to become Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 2006 to 2014. He was tasked with navigating the housing crisis and recession of 2008, a task which many experts believe he performed well.

The 2008 banking crisis led to a lack of confidence in the banking system as a whole, but Bernanke's aggressive and largely experimental approach to the crisis helped restore confidence to the financial system, as seen by…

Bretton Woods Had a Flaw

The last time money changed, it happened with a whimper, then a bang. In the twilight of the Second World War, 44 nations sent delegates to Bretton Woods to build a global economic system that could avoid depression, indemnity, and hyperinflation. After a month, they had built the World Bank Group, as well as what they hoped was a stable global financial system. And it worked: for 26 years, the world had a near absence of banking crises.

But Bretton Woods had a fatal flaw.

One of the system’s core features was the dollar’s use as a reserve currency, which…

Great Economists: Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is one of the most studied and accomplished economists of the second half of the twentieth century, based off his groundbreaking integration of economics and psychological research surrounding human decisions in the face of uncertainty. His work with Amos Tversky earned him a Nobel Prize in economics in 2002.

Prior to Kahneman’s research in this field, economists had found a fundamental issue with how humans estimate the probabilities of certain outcomes under uncertainty. In theory, facing uncertainty, some people should underestimate the probability of an outcome, while others should overestimate the probability, leading to the results cancelling out…

John B. Taylor is one of the greatest economic minds of the 20th and 21st centuries. His work in macroeconomics and monetary policy helped create one of the most important Macroeconomic tools today, The Taylor Rule, which is used as an interest rate forecasting tool. He served as an economic advisor to President’s Ford, Carter, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Currently, Taylor is a professor of economics at Stanford University and has won numerous awards in the field of economics, including the 2016 Adam Smith Award and 2015 Truman Medal for economic policy.

The Taylor Rule, as…

Friedrich August Hayek has been hailed as one of the preeminent economists from the latter half of the twentieth century. His work on monetary theory and the interdependence of economic, social, and institutional phenomena won him a Nobel Prize in 1974, and his writings from the early twentieth century is still read heavily by graduate economic students today.

Besides his Nobel Prize work on monetary theory and interdependence, Hayek was one of the pioneers and strongest advocates for the Austrian school of economics, along with Gottfried Haberler and Fritz Machlup. …

Simon Manka

Head of Growth @ www.ampleforth.org

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